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Travel-Air T-6 System
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Travel-Air  T-6

With Convertible Fanny Pack/Shoulder Bag

Lasts 5 Hours - Weighs only 4 Pounds

No tools required - Simple to operate!



  • Aluminum refillable cylinder (15") -170 liters, 6 cu.ft 
  • Cylinder delivered empty.
  • 12 position regulator with contents gauge (0 to 15 lpm)
  • Oxy-Plus oxygen conserving cannula.
  • Standard oxygen mask.
  • Fanny pack/shoulder bag with hand grip.
  • Instructions and safety tips

$275.00 plus $25 S&H within the Continental US

    Ships within one business day.

The Advantages of Travel-Air Systems:
More freedom -
 5 Hours of oxygen, only 4 pounds -
Provides oxygen ambulatory patients greater freedom and independence.
Oxy-Plus conserving cannula gives up to 4 times longer service than other systems. 
The regulator controls oxygen flow more precisely at lower rates.
Set regulator to higher flow rates for increased physical activity or a medical emergency.


Greater comfort
Increased humidification lessens nasal irritation and dryness and increases comfort.
Regulator controls and connections are designed for easy operation.
Carry in a comfortable fanny pack or convert to padded shoulder bag.

Easy to operate
Travel-Air is simple to use!  No batteries required.  For those who wish to learn more about using an oxygen system, we offer an excellent training DVD produced for our customers exclusively by Medic First Aid International Inc.

Buy with confidence.  Travel-Air systems come with a 2 year replacement parts warranty.  We offer customer support and technical assistance through our toll free number  1-866-737-7247. All Travel-Air Systems meet or exceed FDA requirements for portable emergency oxygen.