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SCBA Cylinder Racks and Wall Cases
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SCBA Cylinder Racks and Brackets
For safe and efficient oxygen cylinder storage.
Please call 866-737-7247 to order.
Secure your SCBA cylinders in the station and protect them from casual damage with our solid build and attractive SCBA cylinder storage rack.
Polished diamond plate aluminum and sturdy cylinder tubes with optional portable rack dolly.
The SCBA cylinder rack is available for mobile applications such as fire trucks and mobile air trailers.
Please call or email for Specifications.

SCBA Cylinder Storage Rack - Delta Oxygen Solutions

SCBA Cylinder Storage Rack

Polished diamond plate aluminum with 12 sturdy cylinder tubes

Part Number
300 lbs
26.5 w x 26.5 d x 35 h


390 lbs


26.5 w x 26.5 d x 43.5 h



475 lbs


26.5 w x 26.5 d x 50 h



550 lbs


26.5 w x 26.5 d x 61 h



625 lbs


26.5 w x 26.5 d x 61 h



SCBA Cylinder Storage Rack

Dolly with Casters

Part Number
26.5 w x 26.5 d

SCBA Cylinder Storage Rack - Delta Oxygen Solutions

SCBA Cylinder Storage Rack

Removable Front/Rear or Side Door Panel

Part Number
Front Door


               Side Door


SCBA Cylinder Bracket Ziamatic

SCBA Cylinder Brackets from Ziamatic

SCBA mounting brackets for SCBA units that will securely hold your SCBA in a compartment
on your fire truck or on wall. The SCBA snaps into the Zico bracket, keeping them from moving
around during transport.

This unit will hold most sizes of breathing air cylinders. The cylinder holding clips are rubber coated
to protect the various composition materials available in self contained breathing air cylinders.

Call or email us with your cylinder brand, PSI and duration, for specific prices on the bracket
and accessories you desire.  Call us today at 866-737-7247.